Luna Gaudia™

By nourishea ́

$35.11 – $58.51 / pcs

What: Organically channeled messages. Divinely inspired in support of a head heart balance, as it relates to your unique situation. SPREADS: CLARITY: One topic response. Receive guidance surrounding the energy at present, so you can navigate potential blockages, and better accept the Divine's instructions for mastery. ( 25mins) STORYLINE: In depth observation of the circumstances that surround you. Includes 2 oracles of advice with clarity. (35 mins) CONNECTION: An in depth look at the vibration between you and your someone of interest. Whether your relationship is personal or professional in nature, see how what you feel, matches what they present, and what the combination reveals about the unity. (45 mins) Who: Zivah Luna is a Divine Devotee, a transmutationalist, a medium claircognizant, clairsentient, clairaudient, empathic healer, who champions celf-centered alignment, through divine feminine expression. ***interested in divination styles beyond this offer? Then subscribe to the Transmutation Team™ for spreads offered exclusively to the Team.***